Development Services

We offer a comprehensive range of affordable, cutting-edge web solutions, specifically tailored to meet your needs and budget. Our web development services include web sites and applications, custom programming and scripting, and database development and integration. The broad variety of services provided by Sudden Technology can help any business meet its goals. Our goal is your success.

Web Sites and Web Applications

Sudden Technology offers customized web design and development. Whether your needs are simple or complex, our web solution will connect you with your customers in an appropriately powerful way. Our sites create business.

We deliver static web sites quickly and affordably, impressive sites that leave a lasting impression with the target audience. We also design complex e-commerce components such as ordering systems, registration systems, and virtual stores with shopping cart capability. We provide a variety of other web-based solutions as well, such as internal data management systems, news portals, and administration tools for managing applications.

Custom Programming and Scripting

Sudden Technology uses custom programming and scripting to streamline work processes, simplify daily routines, and increase profitability. We can develop Java client/server applications and Macintosh desktop applications customized for the unique needs of any organization. We can also build workflow automation and automatic data population scripts to reduce workload and increase efficiency.

Database Development and Integration

The effectiveness of front-end applications depends on the effectiveness of data management. Sudden Technology draws upon the latest innovations in object-oriented design for its database solutions. We create back-end data storage systems that work seamlessly with front-end Web or client/server applications. We can build integrated business systems that pull information from several databases and repositories. Using efficient mapping processes, we can also make legacy data accessible on the Web without modifying your existing databases.