Technical Training and Support

At Sudden Technology, solution development is just the beginning. We are committed to helping you get the most out of your applications and systems. Once your site or application is up and running, we offer training and ongoing support so that you can most effectively put our solutions to work for you. Because your computing environment is important to your success, we also provide training and support for basic web site maintenance, as well as the maintenance of your existing Macintosh systems.


We offer training on everything that we design. Depending on your needs and the particular item, we can train one-on-one or in groups, at your site or ours, and in one day or over several days. Once development has begun we'll quote you a price for training, which you can purchase separately or together with the product.

Basic Web Skills

Sudden Technology offers training in basic HTML coding so that you can make simple changes to a static web site. These short, one or two-day courses teach skills such as:

  • understanding HTML page structure
  • formatting with special characters, headers, paragraph breaks, lines and ready-made graphics
  • inserting links and bookmarks
  • finding and fixing errors
  • getting your site noticed

Advanced Web Skills

The Advanced Web Skills class helps you to move beyond basic HTML skills. The following techniques are taught:

  • creating lists, tables, and forms
  • using frames and cascading style sheets
  • adding multimedia
  • programming with JavaScript
  • creating image maps

Macintosh System Maintenance

Disorganized and poorly maintained computers will cause you stress, and cost your business time and money. Keeping your system organized and well-maintained is the key to making sure that programs run effectively. We teach clients to:

  • understand the components of the system folder
  • determine how and when to keep or discard copies of extensions, documents, and other files
  • organize hard drives and files
  • learn how to maintain a hard drive to help prevent crashes, disk corruption, and other problems
  • learn and implement simple backup strategies


Whether you are frustrated by a recurring error message or have a question about using one of our solutions, we're here to help. Call or email us for free support, or choose one of the following options for in-person assistance: